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Current Tenant Resources

Welcome to Weaver Rentals! We are pleased you have chosen us for your housing needs. Below we have a complete set of tools and information to make your residency more comfortable and rewarding. Our tenants are more than just a number and we strive to know each of you by name. If you have issues in your unit, please contact our office or submit a maintenance request through the Maintenance Request page.

We love to hear from our residents and look forward to getting to know you!

Move-In Procedures:

  1. Pay first month’s rent, if you have not already done so. Please note, that the security deposit does not count as the first or last month’s rent. All initial payments must be paid before keys are released.
  2. Pick up your move-in packet at our office (1918 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401). Unless we have coordinated an earlier move-in date/time, please pick up your packet at the date/time listed on your lease. Please bring a form of identification. If you need to have someone else pick up your move-in packet for you, please email with that person’s name. Packets are signed for and will not be given to anyone other than the tenant or cosigner (including roommates) without prior documented permission from either the tenant or cosigner.
  3. Inspect the unit. If there is an issue with the level of cleanliness, please let our office know that SAME DAY. We will send our third-party cleaners back if needed, but we cannot do so after your move-in date. If you do not reach out the same day that you pick up keys, we will not be able to help you.
  4. Create your acceptance list. You have 14 days from the day that you pick up keys to give our office an acceptance list of any pre-existing damage. Please detail all pre-existing damage on a single master list for the entire unit – this means that roommates need to collaborate on a single master list. Email this list and any pictures to, so that we can document the damage in your file. If we do not receive the acceptance list within 14 days, we will assume that you are accepting the unit as is and any damage documented upon your move-out will be charged to you.
  5. Create an initial maintenance list, if needed. Please wait until all tenants have moved in to request non-emergency maintenance items. Each unit should submit ONE list, which can be submitted by emailing it to During turnover, priority items will be addressed first (hot water heater, A/C, etc.). All non-emergency items will be taken care of as our maintenance staff becomes available.

Move-Out Procedures:

  1. You are still responsible for rent until the end of your lease. The security deposit is not used for the last month’s rent. If you will not be in town, please either mail rent to our office (Weaver Rentals, 1918 University Blvd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401), leave postdated checks for the remaining rent payments with our office before leaving town, or email to coordinate making online payments.
  2. We do not allow late move-outs. Please make note of the move out date/time that is listed on your lease and make appropriate arrangements to be completely moved out of the unit by then.
  3. You are required to keep the electricity on in the unit through the remainder of your lease. Do not unplug the appliances as this can cause issues with their functionality. Additionally, no air flow or temperature control in Alabama means increased humidity, which causes mold. The tenant will be held responsible for any damage to the unit due to lack of A/C or power, so please keep the power on and the A/C set to a reasonable setting such as 76°F or 24°C. The refrigerator can also be set on the most energy efficient setting to save money.
  4. Trash, furniture, and all other belongings should be removed from the unit appropriately. Do not throw items over the balcony, out of windows, etc. Also, we do not allow portable storage units to be parked on the premises. Please make alternative arrangements.
  5. If furniture is being left for the next tenant, EACH ITEM must be labeled to stay. Arrangements must have been made with the new tenant and our office must be notified with a list of items that are to remain. This list can be emailed to All items not tagged will be thrown away.
  6. Before returning your key, please make sure all personal items are removed from the unit. If furniture and other items are left to be thrown away, there will be a fee associated of $50 per piece of furniture.
  7. Please keep in mind that we do outsource all of our cleaning. There will be an automatic cleaning fee taken out of your deposit to cover this cost. We do suggest that you do not spend a lot of time deep cleaning as the cleaning crew will be sent either way. With that said, if you have not cleaned your unit since you moved in, the cleaning cost could be higher if extra time to needed to scrub a year’s worth of grime, gunk, and buildup.
  8. If you have a keyed bedroom door lock, please leave the key to your bedroom door in the lock. Our office does not keep copies of bedroom keys, but the new tenant will need it. Again, please do not give our office bedroom door keys – leave them in the bedroom door lock.
  9. Keys (building, apartment, and/or mailbox) must be returned to our office by the end of your lease. If you leave Tuscaloosa prior to that date, it is your responsibility to make sure they are returned. They can either be mailed or dropped off at our office. For convenience, please place keys in an envelope labeled with your name, unit number, and your forwarding address. If you fail to return keys, you will be charged $5 per key to have replacements made. The Crescent and WR Tower tenants who do not turn in their key fobs will be charged a $25 replacement fee.
  10. Security deposits will be calculated at the end of the lease (regardless of when you move out). All deposit balance refund checks (minus any damages/excessive painting/cleaning fees) will be returned within 60 days of the lease completion per the 2019 Code of Alabama. Each check will be mailed with an itemized list of any deductions. We will not be able to return deposit balance refund checks without a forwarding address, so please be sure to leave one with our office upon move-out. If you plan to mail your keys, please include your forwarding address in the envelope. Any deposit unclaimed by the tenant as well as any check outstanding shall be forfeited by the tenant after a period of 90 days, so please provide a forwarding address upon turning in your keys.
  11. Please remember to contact the United States Postal Service to either change your mailing address or setup mail forwarding. You can do so either at a USPS location or online. We will not be responsible for keeping up with mail and packages. All mail will be returned to sender. 
  12. If you had damage during the year that required a police report, make sure our office has received a copy. If we do not have a copy on file, you will be charged for the damage. 
  13. Tenants for the next year are not allowed to move in early, even if he/she is a friend and the future bedroom is open over the summer. Please refer said friend to our office to keep you from being put in an awkward situation. We do not mind explaining this policy in detail if anyone has questions.
  14. If you plan to completely vacate your unit early, please consider completing the move-out procedures early and turn in your keys. From time to time, requests for early move-in dates/times are requested by future tenants. In cases where a unit has been completely turned over, it is possible to get a prorated amount of your last month’s rent back if we are able to coordinate an early move-in for the next year’s tenant(s). No guarantees can be made, but this has worked out before. If a prorated rent amount is due back to the previous tenant, it is added to the aforementioned security deposit refund check balance. Please note that this does not forgive an outgoing tenant from their last month’s rent payment.

Subleasing Procedures:

There are numerous reasons why a tenant might want to sublease – December graduation, transferring to a different school, family emergency, etc. Weaver Rentals understands that things can change, so we do allow subleasing; however, there is a set procedure, which is detailed below. The decision to sublease is completely up to the tenant and cosigner of the original lease. All subleases must be approved by our office. We do not allow partial subleases, meaning that if a person wants to sublease a current tenant’s unit, the sublessee will take control of the unit for the remainder of the leasing term. Please keep in mind that a sublease is not guaranteed due to it being dependent on market interest and our application approval criteria. If a sublease is not granted, the individuals listed on the original lease will remain responsible for making rent payments until the end of the lease. If a sublease is granted, the entire security deposit of the original tenant is FORFEITED to help to offset the expenses associated with the transition of the unit from the original tenant to the sublessee.

  1. Inform our office of your decision to sublease. We need to have this documented in writing for our records. Emails are an acceptable way to let our office know of your intention to sublease. Please include the date that you will to be completely moved out of the unit, so that we will have this info if/when someone calls our office regarding availability. Additionally, if you have a sublessee in mind, please provide their name and contact information.
  2. Advertise your unit. It is your responsibility to find a sublessee. While we will do what we can to spread awareness and provide information to potential tenants, we are not responsible for finding a sublessee for you. As such, we suggest posting ads on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and other relevant sites. Past tenants have also had luck posting flyers on public bulletin boards. As part of your post, please include contact info for Weaver Rentals, so that any interested parties can reach us for any specific questions. We normally have a few different subleasing opportunities, so please instruct any interested parties to mention some sort of identifying info (e.g. unit number, current tenant name, etc.), so that we can make sure we are attaching them to the correct sublease. Please note that if you have any roommates, any potential sublessees will need to be approved by them BEFORE being approved by our office. Again, we cannot place someone in your unit until we have the approval of your roommate(s) for that individual. With this in mind, use your roommates to network and spread awareness in order to find a good fit.
  3. Suggest the interested party complete the application process with us. The application can be completed either in our office or online. For complete details, direct them to our Prospective Tenant Resources page. They will need to provide a non-refundable $20 application fee. We use this to run credit checks through TransUnion. If a person’s TransUnion is frozen, they will need to either unfreeze it temporarily or provide the access code to our office. If they have any questions regarding our approval criteria, direct them to our Application Approval Criteria page. This info can also be found on the back of our physical paper applications in the office.
  4. Suggest the interested party view the unit. To do this, they can either schedule something with you directly (if you are currently residing in the unit) or contact our office at 205.752.1277 to set an appointment. If they are not in Tuscaloosa, advise that they review the unit details on our website and/or send them pictures of your unit. Our office can also coordinate a video call tour if needed. If they are unable to view the unit in-person before signing the lease, they will be expected to complete a sight unseen statement as part of the leasing process.
  5. Know your responsibilities. Until a sublessee is successfully placed and all paperwork/payments completed, you are still financially responsible for the unit, so please continue to make your rent payments. If a sublessee is never placed, you will continue to be responsible for payments until the end of your lease. If this happens, we will inspect and turnover the unit as we normally would, complete with providing the balance of your security deposit with an itemized list of deductions within 60 days of the end of your lease. If a sublease is successful, your entire security deposit will be forfeited to help offset the expenses associated with the transition of the unit from the original tenant to the sublessee. Once a sublease is finalized, we will send an email explaining that the process was completed and that the new tenant will be continuing to make rent payments for the remainder of the leasing term. Please keep in mind that since this is a sublease and you are still listed on the lease as the original tenant, if the sublease falls through, you will resume responsibility of the rent payments. If this were to happen, we would reassess the security deposit refund. This is part of the reason we make every effort to vet incoming tenants using our application approval criteria. If enough time elapses and a breakeven point is met where the amount of rent saved due to a sublease is offset by the amount of money forfeited from the security deposit, our office will continue our normal operation of inspecting and turning over the unit as we normally would, complete with providing the balance of your security deposit with an itemized list of deductions within 60 days of the end of your lease.
  6. Continue to communicate. Coordinating a sublease can be tough due to there being so many moving parts, so please continue to communicate with our office, especially if your situation changes.

For additional questions about subleasing, please email