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Move Out Procedure

  1. You are still responsible for rent until the end of your lease.  The damage deposit CANNOT be used for the last month’s rent.  If you will not be in town, please mail rent to our office:

    Weaver Rentals, LLC
    1017 Sixth Street
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

  2. We do not allow late move-outs.  Please be aware of our move out date/time to make appropriate arrangements.
  3. You are required to keep utilities on in the unit through the remainder of your lease.  Do not unplug the appliances as this can cause issues with their functionality.
  4. Trash, furniture, and other belongings should be carried down appropriately. Do not throw items over the balcony, out of windows, etc. Also, we do not allow portable storage units to be parked on the premises. Please make alternative arrangements.
  5. If furniture is being left for the next tenant, EACH ITEM must be labeled to stay. Arrangements must have been made with the new tenant and our office must be notified with a list of items that are to remain.  ALL items not tagged will be thrown away – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  6. Before returning your key, please make sure all personal items are removed from the unit.  If furniture and other items are left to be thrown away, there will be a fee associated of $50 per piece of furniture.
  7. Just a reminder, we outsource all of our cleaning.  There will be an automatic cleaning fee taken out of your deposit to cover the cost.  We do not suggest you spend a lot of time cleaning because a cleaning crew will be sent in anyway. On the same note, if you have not cleaned your bathroom since you moved in the cleaning cost could be higher.
  8. Please leave the key to your bedroom door in the lock. Our office does not keep a copy, but the new tenant will need it.. Please do not turn bedroom keys into our office.
  9. Keys (Building, Apartment, and/or Mailbox) must be returned to our office by the end of your lease.  If you leave Tuscaloosa prior to that date it is your responsibility to make sure they are returned.  If you fail to return keys you will be charged $5 per key to have replacements made.
  10. Security deposits will be calculated at the end of the lease (regardless of when you move out).  All deposits will be returned within 60 days of the lease completion.  We will not be able to return deposits without a forwarding address.
  11. Please setup mail forwarding through the United States Postal Service.  For your convenience we have a few packets in our office. We will not be responsible for keeping up with mail and packages. All mail will be returned to sender.
  12. If you had damage during the year that required a police report, make sure our office has received a copy. If we do not have a copy on file you will be charged for the damage. No exceptions!
  13. Tenants for the next year are not allowed to move in early.  Even if he/she is a friend and the future bedroom is open over the summer. Please refer said friend to our office to keep you from being put in an awkward situation.